In talking with people around Southwest Michigan, and Kalamazoo, specifically, one of the things that people miss most about life pre-pandemic is going out and socializing. Now, the not much that can be done about the socializing until the pandemic slows down or whatever pandemics do when they run out of gas, but the Kalamazoo Radisson has a pretty good substitute idea if you're just tired of starting at the same walls for almost a year now.

The Radisson's "Customize, Dine and Unwind Room Package" allows guests to have a restaurant-like dine-in experience in a safe, clean and socially distanced hotel room. Here's what in this package deal:

  • A room for the night
  • A customized three-course dinner
  • A restaurant like dining setup
  • Contactless food and drink delivery

If this sounds like ordering room service, like in some old black and white movie, it does sound like fun. The two restaurants involved in this are Webster’s Prime and Old Burdick’s. The deal offers two different tier menus, each with three courses, that can be customized the way you want it.

The tier 1 menu is a pretty straight forward three course menu, with jerk chicken skewers on the appetizer menu that sound really good.  Sirloan, salmon and plant based sausage and pasta are among the entrees, and a nice selection of deserts.

The tier 2 menu is fancier, with lobster ravioli and ribeye amongst the choices and creme brulee one of the dessert options.

If this sounds like a welcome break from the current same-old same-old, then the Radisson says call them, and give them at least 24 hours.

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