Kalamazoo Public Schools released  a very thoughtful and well organized plan for this school year.

We now know what the school year will look like beginning August 31st for Kalamazoo students as KPS released their 2020-2021 School Year Plan Tuesday.  The school year will be broken down into 3 phases or "tiers" with the option for parents to continue home learning for their kids all year if they so choose.  Parents must choose Option 1 or Option 2 by August 14th.  Whether your student participates in the 3 tier plan or at home learning for the full year, they will remain eligible for The Kalamazoo Promise.

Here are the two options for your students this year.

Option #1 is the KPS Trimester Model.

Trimester 1 (August 31st - November 24th) will be 100% online learning taught by their KPS teachers with their classmates.

Trimester 2 (November 30th - March 12th) will be a hybrid of online and in person.
This has the students coming to school 2 days a week for in person classes with learning activities from home 3 days a week.  By alternating students on these days they will be able to have smaller class sizes to ensure social distancing.  Not to mention, if someone tests positive for Covid-19 the number of people that person has contact with will be much smaller.

Trimester 3 (March 15th - June 11th) 100% in person learning at school.

Option #2 is 100% Virtual Learning

Get detailed info on your KPS or KRESA student's virtual learning by clicking here.


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