This past Friday, October 14th, was National Dessert Day leading me to put together a list of places where you could find delicious dessert in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek:

Well, today happens to be National Pasta Day. And, by coincidence, I stumbled upon a post in the Facebook group, Kalamazoo Foodie, asking about where to find great pasta in the area.

The post, made by Abby C., reads,

I have friends coming from Minnesota tomorrow and we want to take them out to dinner. Where’s the good pasta at?

Here are at least 6 suggestions that were given so we can all go enjoy some delicious pasta for National Pasta Day:

6 Kalamazoo Area Eateries to Fulfill That Pasta Craving

A recent post in the Facebook group, Kalamazoo Foodie, has rendered a few suggestions for where to get the best pasta in the Kalamazoo area.

Do I need a special day to give myself the excuse to eat pasta? Absolutely not. But, I will take advantage of it while it's here. Enjoy your National Pasta Day wherever/however you choose to celebrate it.

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