It's not uncommon to hear planes go whooshing by when you live near an airport. It's actually a sound you begin to get used to and can tune out. Some are so unbothered by the sound, that they like to come out, wave, and watch the planes go speeding by as they make their descent to land. The new neighbors are always thrown off the first time it happens and slowly warm up to it, but what has happened the past few days has even some long time residents confused.

As many know Western Michigan University(WMU) has one of the top aviation schools in the nation. Many travel from all over the country and world to WMU to learn how to take off, fly, land planes, and everything else it takes to become a pilot. They do have an Air National Guard Base in Battle Creek, Michigan that they use often but they also have access to the Kalamazoo/Battle Creek international Airport. This airport is located in Kalamazoo's Milwood neighborhood.

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WMU students often use the Airport in Kalamazoo when practicing take offs and landings. They do them during all times of the day and that includes at night after the sun has set and some are already asleep or are trying to get some rest. This week, many neighbors were bothered and confused at why they heard planes circling the neighborhood. I think they were more concerned with why it was at 2:30 in the morning and they just wanted to get some sleep.

A post was made in the Milwood Neighborhood Hangout group on Facebook that addressed the issue and many neighbors flocked to put in their two cents. Many of the comments to mentioned that the neighborhood is located near the airport and that residents should just get used to hearing planes landing. While others decided to have some fun and had more words to say. Comments under the post were as followed:

*I feel like whoever it is is cropdusting at the wrong time of the day
*Im playing flight simulator
*I know they need the practice but the other side of the airport is non-residential. I wish they would make their circles over the businesses that are closed rather than over Milwood.

The general consensus is that those in the neighborhood that didn't like it should either just get used to it or move. Some were happy to stick up for the learning pilots from WMU, stating that it was important they learn how to land at night. This is something that is unique to the Milwood Neighborhood in Kalamazoo, and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

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