Just when I thought it would never happen, it did. Ever since I moved to Kalamazoo almost 2 years ago, I've been getting my local humor from the well known Facebook page, Battle Creek Memes, which has done and continues to do an awesome job. Now, they have some friendly love from someone in Kalamazoo. Apparently, someone has started a meme page on Facebook called, Yes, There Really Is A Kalamazoo Meme Page, which pokes fun at all of the things we know and love, or hate, about our awesome city.

The page already has over 4,400 likes and continues to get bigger. Making light jokes about "millennium" owned bars, the "North Side," and even most recently cracking a joke on Rupert's charging people money to smoke their own weed in their building. Whoever is running the page has a funny sense of humor and the page itself is great. I already liked and followed it.

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