More then 250 kids played hockey and raised more then $10,000 for Autism.

Hockey players from Kindergarten through high school came out to Wings West in Kalamazoo to take part in the Youth Hockey Fights for Kids with Autism tournament.

The Great Lakes Center for Autism Treatment and Research hosted the event and reported that...

"Organizers said the focus wasn't just to raise money for autism treatment, but to raise Autism awareness."

This years event marked the 5th annual event, and raised more then 10,000. The really wonderful thing is the grand total for the last 5 events comes to  $24,000. Way to go Kids!! reported that...

"All the money raised will help provide transportation for children affected by autism and provide treatment for families who may not be able to afford care."

Maybe we should all take a lesson from our youth; have fun and think of others.

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