Bed and Breakfast spots have been popular for quite some time. In fact, the very first one was established in the U.S. in the 18th century to fulfill a need for lodging for travelers passing through. When local lodging was full, locals began renting rooms for money. Thus, the concept of a Bed and Breakfast was born.

Of course, in these modern times, you can find a B&B just about anywhere you go. The concept evolved into the AirBnB although, most of those places don't serve you breakfast.

Locally, in Kalamazoo, we have a historic bed and breakfast establishment that has been given the title of "best rated" on Trip Advisor. It's known, simply, as The Kalamazoo House. The Victorian was built by the Lilienfeld family in 1878 and eventually became known as The Kalamazoo House as a tribute to the first luxury hotel in Kalamazoo. Read more here.

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Now, most of us may not have the time or financial flexibility to treat ourselves to a night in a luxurious bed and breakfast but, what if you could tour The Kalamazoo House without having to commit to a long stay?

In celebration of the holidays, The Kalamazoo House is offering a one-night tour of their establishment. The evening, scheduled for Tuesday, December 14th, will offer tours between 6 and 8 pm.

They promise music, drinks, food, and, I'm sure, an impressive display of holiday decorations. Judging by a recent Facebook post, they will not be holding back when it comes to sharing the spirit of Christmas:

You'll be able to tour the first and second floor, which includes the original 5 bedrooms built by the Lilienfeld family.

This tour, unfortunately, won't be free but will cost you $30 in advance or $40 at the door. As well, there will be a limited occupancy to ensure the safety of others.

You can find all information and purchase tickets here and follow them on Facebook for any updates.

While I can't provide a virtual tour of The Kalamazoo House, there is another, more futuristic home in Kalamazoo that caught my eye. Check this place out:

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Plus, did you see this tiny Kalamazoo place that made it onto HGTV?

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