Sure escape rooms are popping up all over the nation, but only Kalamazoo has Amelia's Attic.

You'll find this one of a kind escape room themed after the aviation pioneer at Clock N Lock downtown Kalamazoo.  In fact, the Amelia room was designed by Paula Norder, owner of Clock N Lock according to,

Amelia’s Attic has ice skates because she was a daring young lady who liked to go fast. This, ultimately, led to her eagerness to fly airplanes. After becoming rescued and living on a remote island, she chose to live quietly under a new identity when she returned to the mainland. Fame had continually intruded into her life and her fateful last flight provided her with an opportunity to step out of the limelight. She avoided fame and chased her dreams. Only the brother of her navigator knew of her survival although, occasionally, she would send cryptic postcards from around the world to her parents who – recognizing her handwriting – held hope that she was alive and well.

For decades, rumors swirled about the possibility of the Bermuda Triangle having a sister in the Pacific. That Amelia had been captured by enemies or – more bizarre – aliens. Many correctly believe that it was engine failure but few know that it was meticulously planned. Can you reveal the truth? Can you uncover Amelia Earhart’s assumed identity? With access to Amelia’s Attic for 60 minutes, this escape room is an ideal group game for bachelorette parties, group bonding, and a night out with friends.


Clock N Lock has an incredible space on the Kalamazoo Mall downtown.

Clock N Lock
Clock N Lock

Get more info on their rooms, rates and location by clicking here.

We currently have the following escape rooms in Southwest Michigan:

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  • The Final Clue - Downtown Kalamazoo
  • Escapology - Portage
  • BreakEscape - Battle Creek (closed for remodeling according to their website)
  • Cereal City Escape opening in the Lakeview Square Mall in Mid January


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