How to help your fur baby deal with the cold winds.

First we need to protect our pups from the elements because no matter what they need to get some fresh air. The perfect advice comes form

  • Get him a nice warm coat (that covers his underside, too!)
  • Booties for those who have trouble walking on the hard, cold ground (my dog would never tolerate the booties, hats of to pups that do).

The web-site Briarclifanimal made a very important point, "above all, make sure your pet is safe". I did not know this but...

 After spending time outside, wipe any snow, salt, or antifreeze off of their clothes or fur, and make sure you haven’t tracked any in on your shoes.  The first two can irritate their coat and skin, and antifreeze can be deadly.

I myself track in a lot of salt and snow removal products, now that I know I will be taking my shoes off outside. No need to risk my animals health, so a no shoe policy maybe considered in my household.

We need to care for our pets mental health as well as there physical. At times many of us feel the "winter blues", and the same is true for our pets. With the less time spent outside, here are some tips to help them fight cabin fever.

  1. Play relaxing music when you can't be home with your dog. A bit of background noise can help soothe her.
  2. Provide interactive toys.
  3. Hide exciting toys like SqueakAir Balls around your home in areas she frequents. You can also hide a few small treats like our LiverSnax® for truly rewarding searches.
  4. Provide new toys occasionally, and switch out toys on a regular basis to keep her toy assortment fresh and inviting.
  5. Play fetch indoors. A long hallway can become a great runway for a dog chasing a favorite ball, plush toy, or flying disc.
  6. If your dog can look outdoors without becoming stressed or barking excessively, open a window blind or shade just enough for her to see out. Place steps near a window if your dog requires assistance.
  7. Teach your dog some new tricks. Be sure to reward her with lots of praise and a few small treats. Most importantly, make time for one-on-one attention every day.

If you have a fur-baby that lives outdoors had some great advice...

  • Ensure Access to Fresh Water
  • Provide Adequate Shelter
  • Don't Use Heated Pet Mats
  • Give Your Dog More Food

Take care of your fur babies because they do keep you warm at night!

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