A recent pole was put out which shows the top 51 Michigan communities that have the most distracted driving accidents and the outcome is not good for the city of Kalamazoo. Out of the whole state, we are the 8th when it comes to distracted driving accidents, according to MLive. The study sows maps that indicate all the distracted driving accidents in the area.

The study says that in 2017, "Kalamazoo had 263 vehicle accidents in 2017 caused by distracted driving. That's 8% of all Kalamazoo crashes reported to police. About 27% of the 2017 distracted driving crashes injured at least one person."

Distracted driving can be anything from eating, applying makeup, looking at your phone, or anything that doesn't involve having both hands on the wheel with both eyes on the road. Battle Creek landed at #31, while my own hometown of Rochester Hills landed at #16. Let's try and change that number people and keep Kalamazoo safe.



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