We asked a simple questions and, Kalamazoo, you delivered!

This morning with Dana and Chelsea the question was - Say you're running for President. The last text message you sent is now your campaign slogan. What is it? No explanation of the conversation. Just the text.

The response was so overwhelming and so fantastic we didn't have time to read them all on air but people NEED to see these. So, I've listed some of the best below. All of which you can find here:

Angelina S: This Stupid Dog has No Shut Up. Angelina 2020!

Honestly...I'd probably vote for you. 😆

Emily H: That was easy. Except I have a shy bladder. Emily 2020!

Thankfully, the Oval Office has a private bathroom. I'm assuming. I've never actually been there.

Jennifer L: Can you send toilet paper in my next shipment? Jennifer 2020!

Jennifer....looking out for the essentials.

Nicole B: He sounds like a hot mess. I'm not getting near that one. Nicole 2020.

A solid platform to stand on, Nicole.

Jeannie says: Jeannie 2020. Give you girls something to look at.

I have....no response to that.

Dollie V: He sure loves to pee everywhere! Dollie 2020!

Might want to get that taken care...sooner rather than later.

Angie T: That's some meaty looking pork. Angie 2020.

And the winner for most inappropriate slogan goes to...

And the one that made me laugh the hardest...

Michael R: That's too far to drive for an ass whoopin.

Thank you so much to everyone who commented on our Facebook page, sent us a Facebook message and messaged us on the app (which you should download if you haven't) you made our morning!

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