Kalamazoo's First Congressional Church's Senior Pastor Rev. Nathan Dannison will not allow families to be torn apart by deportations. The church which is located on West Michigan Avenue announced yesterday that it will not allow ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, to deport Saheeda Perveen Nadeem back to Pakistan.

Nadeem is a resident of Kalamazoo and told MLive that she has not lived there in almost 40 years. The 62-year old calls Kalamazoo her true home and even Nadeem's 20-year-old son Samad questioned why anyone would want to send her away:

For most of my cognizant life, Saheeda has worked harder than any individual should have to, to ensure a better life for me and my sister. This community has done amazing things for my family and me, and I would like to ask for your support one more time. Last night I went to bed thinking, 'I don't understand how I'm living in a country right now where someone has to hide.

The church has an apartment which will be housing Nadeem and Senior Pastor Dannison says he does not expect ICE to come to the church to apprehend her and if they do, it will be recorded and uploaded to social media:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, lately, have been more aggressive, targeting the most vulnerable members of our community. I think that's why churches are stepping forward and saying that this is unethical, and this is absolutely not who we are as Americans.



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