A friend of mine was recently driving when she saw a yard located in Kalamazoo on Grand Prairie Rd. in between Drake and Nichols just across the street from the cemetery that absolutely blew her mind. The yard belonging to a family home features a display of chairs which are set out towards the front of the yard, and are constantly changing display. I had no idea this existed until Wine Emi, owner of the local perogie retailer "Perogie & You," reached out to me with a video as she drove by:

This person has all these chairs and sets them up different every day. IDK why. Sometimes they nail them going up the tree, Sometimes they are all in a circle. This has been going one for like at least 2 years.

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If anyone knows the family who does this, I would love for them to reach out to me and give a little back story as to what started it all, why they change them so much and what the symbolism behind it all is. There are lots of different homes in the Kalamazoo area that have extravagant or strange displays up and as a fixture of their home, and this one is just shrouded in mystery.

There are also two miniature chairs set off to the side as well, so those could also be a part of the display, or they could just really like chairs. We'll have to wait and see what they say if they reach out. We'll update as we know more.

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