This weekend I went to go see the new Brad Pitt film, Ad Astra, a movie where Brad Pitt is an astronaut sent on a mission to destroy a piece of technology that was created for scientific research, which now threatens to destroy all living matter in the galaxy. Set in the somewhat near future, it's Brad Pitt's mission to travel to Neptune to destroy the machinery before it destroys the human race. Now, without revealing any serious spoilers, it turns out that Kalamazoo, strangely, has a place in this story.

Brad Pitt's father in the movie is played by Tommy Lee Jones, and Pitt's character mentions how his father loved watching black and white films. Well when Brad Pitt's character reaches his father's ship, which was his last known whereabouts, a film by the name of Orchestra Wives is playing on a screen. It just happens to be the part where the Nicholas Brothers are performing, "I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo." It's illegal to record in the theaters, but here is the clip that plays in the movie. If you're going to see it, be on the lookout. It was unexpected and pretty cool.

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