In downtown Kalamazoo on Michigan Ave, there is a Christmas video being projected on the side of the Haymarket building located within the Haymarket Plaza, one of the many outdoor walking districts that make up downtown.

You can see an elf's wild adventure through Santa's toy factory to get the special gift that Santa had for him as a large vertical portion of the Haymarket building is illuminated by projectors.

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The video, which was posted to Facebook by the former mayor of Kalamazoo, Bobby Hopewell, shows the entire video as he stopped in the Haymarket Plaza to record the visual phenomenon.

The video starts with a present falling from the sky and Santa riding by on his reindeer-pulled sleigh before letting out a cliche "Ho Ho Ho" and racing off-screen. This is when we are introduced to the main character, the elf.

The elf pops out from behind one of the building's windows, he notices the present and jumps down to retrieve it and this is when the adventure begins. Both he and the present disappear and are replaced by snowflakes that fade into a transition.

After the transition, a Christmas tree, whose star and ribbon turn into a slide that the elf uses, drops him into a pit of presents that appear to be in a claw machine game. He climbs up and tries to grab the present from the beginning of the video.

At this point, the crane arm picks them both up and drops the elf over another slide that plops him down on the toy assembly line of a factory. He makes his way through the factory and finds himself on a calendar as he chases this present around.

In the end, he is able to collect the present and sets it down under one lucky child's tree right after Santa places a gift under the same tree. The elf was doing his part in keeping the Christmas spirits high.

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