When I'm feeling stressed out or just need to turn my brain off for a few minutes I'll do what most of us do...scroll endlessly through social media. I usually seek out oddly satisfying videos or cute cat videos to help me zone out. And this local Tiktoker happens to combine both!

This is @a_Mermaids_Manifesto, a Kalamazoo area content creator who has used her platform to show off her art skills which have gained her over 41,000 followers.

Her most popular videos seem to be ones where she's melting different colored wax pellets to create an envelope seal. The majority of the videos are based on requests from her followers. This request for the rainbow flag gained her nearly 80,000 views.

Or this request for the colors that represent the Bi flag which gained nearly 314,000 views.

Clearly, I'm not the only one who enjoys odd, visually satisfying videos.

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But, a_mermaids_manifesto doesn't just melt wax. She also works with resin and clay to create artwork, keychains, coasters, tree ornaments, even jewelry. She shares the process of making these items on Tiktok as well which, in my opinion, is a genius way to sell your product. I can only speak for myself but I absolutely love seeing what goes into making something that I'm interested in purchasing. For example:

You can see her Etsy shop here.

However, when she's not posting creative content, she's sharing videos of her adorable cat which the world will always need more of.

If you'd like to see more make sure you find @a_mermaids_manifesto on Tiktok!

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