If you didn't hear, there was a tragic accident in the Kalamazoo area involving a motorcycle.

The accident happened on Thursday, June 8th around 7:20 in the evening. A motorcycle, driven by a local named Justin Milbeck, was struck from behind by a FedEx truck at the corner of Sprinkle and East Kilgore Road.

Unfortunately, Justin Milbeck did not survive.

According to his obituary, Justin is survived by,

his wife, Alyssa; two children Kierstin and DJ; his parents, Bob and Dena; twin sister, Erica; brother, Jason (Corey); sister, Alyssa; nieces and nephews, Hadley, Emmaline, Parker, Weston, and Walker; grandmother, Dorothy Douglass; and parents-in-law, David Zimmerman and Ronda Morales.

It seems he was a man who was loved by everyone in his life and, judging by social media, brought happiness and light to those around him:

It's hard to find the words to comfort someone who has been through such a sudden and immense loss. But, one thing you can do to help is to contribute to the funds for his family now trying to cope with this void in their lives.

There are a couple of different ways you, even as someone who doesn't know the family, can help.

First, there's a "Support the Milbeck Family" online event that you can find on Facebook. It's going on until June 25th and is asking, simply, for gift cards for the family. The page suggests things like Meijer, Walmart, Jersey Mike's, Texas Roadhouse, and other restaurants and grocery stores.

This takes just one more burden, one more task off of the family's shoulders as they deal with their grief.

Gift cards can be mailed or dropped off. Learn more here.

Second, there's a Ride for the Family of Justin Milbeck coming up on July 15th.

Vicker's Lakeside Tavern is hosting a ride in honor of Justin and to raise money for his family. This is open to those riding vehicles with two or four wheels.

Now, plans are still being finalized but, according to the event page, they are taking cash donations up until the night of the event and plan to hold a 50/50 raffle.

You will need to register to participate in the ride. Learn more here.

There's no "right" way to grieve and, therefore, there's no "right" way to comfort someone going through grief.

However, if you're looking for some guidance, Harvard Medical School came up with a list of actionable ways you can help a friend or family deal with a loss. See it here.

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