We live in a world now where basically, everyone and everything has a national day for some reason or another. National taco day, bring your dog to work day, radio day, and all sorts of other unofficial holidays to spruce up the year. One of the more unknown, but important amongst the community, holidays is approaching and this year they're being socially aware and making some changes. Sunday, November 8th is normally National Take A Juggalo To Red Lobster Day.

Now, "What is a Juggalo?" you ask. He's a graduate. He graduated from....well. In all seriousness Juggalos are the fanbase to the Detroit Hip Hop/Horrorcore underground legends Insane Clown Posse. Michigan, and even Kalamazoo has some old school Juggalos, as ICP used to frequent West Michigan back in the day. They even have a show scheduled in Battle Creek in April (Pending Covid).

Regardless of whether you're a fan or not, ICP has been in the headlines earlier this year, being one of the first acts to cancel their annual event, the Gathering of the Juggalos, for safety measures while other organizers continued to hold and plan events. But with Covid still on the rise, next months normal dining experience has been changed up a bit this year. It's now National "Get Red Lobster Takeout With A Juggalo" day. Even they're observing the dangers of being within close proximity of each other. Whether you go to the Portage, Battle Creek, Jackson, or other locations throughout MI, you can still raise your hatchet high and chop into some cheddar bay brutality. Whoop whoop!

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