I get to see two of the best singer/songwriters on the planet this weekend.

Back in 1995 I played Freedy Johnston's "Bad Reputation" on the radio at a Top 40 station in Indiana.  I immediately fell in love with his song writing.  From that moment on I purchased every piece of music Freedy released.  He even had a couple songs featured on the Woody Harrelson movie King Pin.

I'm lucky enough to call Freedy Johnston a friend now.  Well, after he sees how big of a fan I am he'll probably stop returning my texts. lol

There is a point to this long back story.  Freedy Johnston and Jeffrey Gaines are currently touring together.

You may remember Jeffrey Gaines' cover of "In Your Eyes" blowing up back in 2001.

I am thrilled to see these guys live this Saturday Night in Indy.

Jeffrey Gaines and Freedy Johnston are touring in and around Michigan.  I urge you to check these guys out.

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