Since moving from Florida I have done my best to fit into the Michigan way of life. I call soda "pop" now. I own several, giant winter coats. I throw shade at Ohio. And, when I'm forced to watch football, I root for the Lions even though I know they're probably going to lose.

However, I might have just discovered the official step to finally being considered a Michigander. I bought a Jeep.

My reliable 2009 Kia Sportage that I've owned for 12 years finally kicked the bucket and I was faced with the painful process of buying a new car. Especially today, the prices are incredibly inflated so my options were pretty limited.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon a 2008 Jeep Cherokee in Grand Rapids that had relatively low miles and was less than $10k. I pulled the trigger and am now a Jeep owner.

To me, I was just buying an affordable, used car. But, apparently, I'm now a part of a new club that I had no idea I was joining. Everywhere I drive, fellow Jeep owners will give me a friendly wave, which is not something I've experienced before. Fellow Kia Sportage drivers never acknowledged each other. I've even had people offer to gift me a duck which was REALLY confusing.

As it turns out, "ducking" is a common thing among Jeep owners:

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From the pictures and videos I've seen, ducks seem to be left primarily on Jeep Wranglers. So, I won't hold my breath as I await a random, tiny rubber duck to appear on the hood of my Jeep Cherokee. But, what a fun little game.

With a car that now has four-wheel drive and heated seats, there is a part of me that feels like I finally belong in Michigan. Although I must confess, I still don't like Faygo. Or Vernors. Don't hate me.

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