Sad news was announced yesterday as a staple of unique cuisine in Kalamazoo took to their Facebook on Tuesday, December 7th to let the city know they plan on closing. J.Gumbo's has been a prime spot for comfort food since opening their doors in mid- 2016, and they were absolutely crushed to have to make the call to close:

5.5 years ago our family locked arms and took a huge risk bringing this little Cajun Joint to Kalamazoo. We are so grateful to this community that has been so supportive. We have made lifelong friends and have so enjoyed the special connections we’ve had the honor of creating. Due to many challenges, each of which continue to take an immeasurable toll on our business and our family, J.Gumbo’s final day of business will be Friday December 17th. We wish you all joy, health, and happiness in abundance and THANK YOU again for your support!
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Even though J. Gumbo's is technically a chain restaurant and not original to Kalamazoo, many of their regulars looked at this location as a family operation, as one regular pointed out:
Angie I am so sorry to hear this! No one can fault you as you and your family have put your all into the business of providing some of the best food in Southwest Michigan. There aren't enough words to say thank you to your family! Emily, you and your beautiful hippie chick spirit will be missed too!
Former residents of Louisiana praised J. Gumbo's for their food in the comment section and expressed that they will be missed, as we now are left to wonder who will be occupying the space after they close. We wish their family all of the best.

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