The end of the year means many things. New Year's Eve parties, hoping your baby is born before Midnight, to get the deduction on your taxes, diets, and resolutions. And, modestly, I say, my History of Rock...on a Roll montage.

You say you haven't heard it? It's a montage of the "hooks" to all the songs that made it to the top of the charts, the number one position on Billboard Magazine's Hot 100. The montage starts in July of 1955 with "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley and the Comets. It's the first rock and roll song to hit number one. What follows is over 63 years of hooks, or clips, of all the songs to hit number one. And as always, at the end, we add another group of songs that made it to number one, this year it's the Class of 2018.

That Class of 2018 is eleven songs. Which ones? Tune in Monday afternoon at 5pm and you'll find out. And a lot of people tune in again for the replay at 8am on New Year's morning, sometimes to tape it, sometimes just to digest it a little better.

Oh, and one more thing; People over the years have been very kind with compliments, for which I'm truly grateful. One thing people ask is, how can I get a copy of this. Well, sorry, but we can't make you one. We don't own the copyrights to all the songs. So, while we can play it on the radio, etc., we can't make distribute copies.

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