Or maybe it's generational. Maybe people today don't find having a camera in your face all the time all that strange.

Getty Images, Michael Kovac
Getty Images, Michael Kovac

So, I flip on Lifetime to catch a Frasier rerun before heading for work yesterday. And in virtually every commercial break, there's a promo for this Tori Spelling disaster. Do these people have no shame? They have two small children. Those kids are going to be old enough soon to be exposed to their idiot parents - in HD, no less.

Two questions here. One is, why would you allow this to be taped? I understand contractual obligations, but Tori's not poor. How bad an attention hog do you have to be to allow this to be broadcast. No, it wouldn't surprise me the show's producers are okay with this. Pretty much all of Hollywood is morally bankrupt and has no conscience.

But here's question two. Why would anyone watch this? And I'm guessing this is one of those male/female things, where as a guy, I just don't get it. I guess our mental wiring is different. But maybe it's not a gender thing at all, as there plenty of guys who would watch and encourage televised executions.

But back to the real victims of this, their kids. You really want them seeing this stuff someday when they're a little older and can find it readily on some video source. Just say no.

Unbelievable. But no, not really.

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