Every time I go out shopping I'm still seeing so many empty shelves and wondering how anyone is getting crucial cleaning or sanitary items at all. I've been to a few stores in Kalamazoo and am still unable to find lysol wipes anywhere. But there are apparently a few tracking services that you can use that will let you know as soon as a particular product has been restocked in your area. WXYZ offered a few of these tools as a suggestion for those who are having similar struggles and can be used anywhere near you.

Zoolert is one of them. It matches the inventory from Walmart, Target and Amazon and let's you know which one is in stock, where, and how much you can expect to pay. NowInStock is similar but offers a wider range of items you can track. It sends you an email when a product near you has been restocked. I'm gonna try one of these and see if it helps.

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