An Indiana woman recently made a shocking discovery when searching for her biological twin.

Twins have a bond that the rest of us could never understand.  Some twins even seem to have their own language.  Karen Warner didn't get to experience that growing up.  Karen knew she was adopted but didn't know much beyond that.  Life instantly changed for her when Indiana unsealed adoption records a couple years ago.  She found her biological mother's name and the word "twin" on a document.  Not only did she have a sibling but she had a twin!

She then started an intensive search to find her twin brother.  She found a man via voting records that was born in the same hospital on the same day.  That man, a person that Karen knew in high school in Elwood, Indiana, was Mike Jackman.  To make this even sweeter, they've been living 5 blocks from each other this whole time.  This was shocking news for both of them according to WTHR,

Both had always known they were adopted, but neither knew the other existed until Indiana unsealed adoption records a few years ago.

Check out the video of the reunited twins together from WTHR below.

Now that they've found each other they say they are like two peas in a pod and see each other several times a day.

Then there are the twins that take twinning to the next level.  Remember the 2 sets of twins in 2018 that both got engaged in Twinsburg, Ohio?  They later went on to get pregnant at the same time.  Fun fact: children of two identical twin couples are actually considered siblings not cousins.

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