When you're looking to grab a delicious bite in Indiana you'll find several renowned restaurants to enjoy a meal. But one stands out as the most famous in the state and is now among the best in the nation. And plenty of Hoosiers will tell you that it's worth the hype.

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The Most Famous Restaurant In Indiana Among The Best In America

Love Food recently released a list of the most famous restaurants in America to try at least once. Topping that list for Indiana is one of the best restaurants in the state but also one of the most historic restaurants in the U.S.

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There's something to be said for a restaurant that's been in business for over 100 years and is still getting recognition across the nation as one of the best in the country. St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis has served deliciously juicy, high-quality steaks since 1902.

But, St. Elmo is not only known for its quality cuts of meat. But also the spicy shrimp cocktail keeps people coming back for more. St. Elmo has another claim to fame outside of the menu entirely. Love Food says:

The spot's other claim to fame is that it's one of Parks and Recreation character Ron Swanson's favorite steak houses. In an episode of the TV comedy called Two Parties, he celebrates the bachelor party he never had there, attracting many of the show's fans to the restaurant.


And for dessert, don't miss out on a slice of St. Elmo's homemade cheesecake or Crème Brule.

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