An Indiana man had a blood alcohol level of 6 times the legal limit when he drove to Arby's near Evansville.

Drunk driving is not a laughing matter.  However, some of the facts would be funny if the situation wasn't so deadly.

Fact #1  He was driving drunk at 2 PM on a Monday.

Fact #2  Everybody goes to Taco Bell when they're hammered.  This guy went to Arby's.

Fact #3  His blood alcohol level was .483.  50% of people die with a blood alcohol level of .4.

A witness followed the suspect, Michael Kennett, while he made the dangerous drive to Arby's according to,

The witness says Kennett almost hit another car, then pulled into the parking lot of the west side Arby’s. The witness says he watched Kennett hit the curb, drive into the grass, back up, hit the curb again, and back into a parking space.

The suspect then ordered a meal, sat down and passed out.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt in this incident.  If you have a drinking problem and are ready for help you can reach out to the Alcohol Hotline at 888-633-3239 or click here.


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