For decades people have been fascinated with world records.  But, duck duck goose?

There are some strange broken records in the Guinness Book of World Records.  I found a few examples on,

  • The world's stretchiest skin.
  • The longest fingernails in the world.
  • The oldest male stripper in the world.
  • The largest number of spoons on the human body.  Yes, that is a thing.
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More than 2,000 students from three high schools in Terre Haute, Indiana (North, South and West Vigo High Schools) gathered Friday with one particular goal in mind.  Breaking the world record for the largest game of duck duck goose according to WTHI-TV,

More than 2,000 students participated. They sat in a giant circle surrounding the football field and tennis courts.  The game had to last at least 16 minutes for it to count.

Whether the world record that is being attempted with large and elaborate or small and simple, the Guinness Book of World Records takes them all very seriously.  It can take 12 weeks to get the proper guidelines after applying for a world record.  It could then take up to another 12 weeks for that record to be confirmed after it is attempted.  So, we may not know for a while if the students will be awarded this honor.  We'll keep you posted.

When I think of Terre Haute, Indiana, I can't help but think of the very entertaining mailman we covered during the height of the pandemic.  If you haven't seen the dancing mail carrier from Terre Haute, you must click here to watch the video.

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