Back in July, 12 year-old Jeremiah Derks was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo numerous rounds of chemotherapy, which continues today. During this trying time, Jeremiah has become a huge fan of law enforcement, especially in his home town of Kokomo, Indiana where Howard County sheriff’s deputies visited him and made him an honorary deputy. Then, a Kokomo police officer came back to Jeremiah's home and delivered a police patch, according to WTTV.

Since then the young man, inspired by this act of kindness, has a mission to collect as many police badges from around the country to possibly make a quilt out of. I think this is a great opportunity for the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety and Battle Creek Police Department to show their support. Derks commends the work our men and women in blue do for us saying, "They’re friendly and they’re just pretty much heroes to everybody." Let's see if we can get them to send a patch his way! Anyone who wants to send Jeremiah a police patch or card can mail them to 229 Luke Court Kokomo, Indiana 46901.



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