Gather round the screen everyone. I'm going to share a very nice, heartwarming story with you. While it won't make all the ugly that surrounds us go away, like some grandmas used to say, "it couldn't hurt".

This was posted on Facebook on Friday, by a widow in Marshall. She lives in a senior community.

What a blessing! I live in a building of senior citizens and this afternoon management had us all assemble in the community room. The town manager was there and he presented each one of us with a Christmas card with our name on it. We were told that we couldn't open the card until everyone had there card in hand. When we all opened our cards there was a brand new crisp $100.00 bill in each card. The town manager was just the presenter, the card and money was an anonymous gift from a local business owner; even each individual live-in caretaker got one!

What a wonderful thing to do for the seniors in our building. I pray that God will abundantly bless whoever this person, or persons are!

What else is there to say but "Amen!".

Marshall, Battle Creek, Calhoun County in general have had some tough times in the past few years. The economic recovery seems to have bypassed them. But still, there is good will and generosity. We can all be very grateful for that.


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