Did you see the story on here about the million-dollar mansion right here in town?  Now, while it's not exactly a song, $1.7 million will get you some nice digs. That's not the case elsewhere. You won't believe what this place sold for in San Jose.

Photo: Redfin
(Photo: Google Street)

Just coincidentally, the same afternoon that I read that story, I saw a tweet about a property in San Jose, California. The tweet read: "This house in Silicon Valley sold for $938,000 this week, in case you're wondering how things are going there."

Let's do some comparison shopping here. The mansion in Kalamazoo, with a pool and other amenities for a mil-seven; or this place in Silicon Valley for $938,000.

Photo: Redfin
A million dollar property. And a house. (Photo: Redfin)

Okay, you're saying, well, yeah, you're paying for the land. That means, after you signed over almost a million dollars, you still have to build a house. And speaking of comparison shopping, did you see on the Redfin listing where it says you can't look inside, don't go past the fence? So, yes, we get it, you definitely are paying for the land.

And this is not a fancy neighborhood. This is a neighborhood closer to Milwood than say Beverly Hills.

With tele-commuting, I'm thinking, buy yourself a nice crib in Kalamazoo, and you can work from here and be a lot happier. And the added bonus is, earthquakes here are milder that California, which is one "big one" short of falling into the Pacific Ocean.


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