The National Weather Service office in Grand Rapids is confirming what we've all been living. It's been a cool spring.

Not only have we had only two days above the eighty degree mark so far this year, but the highest temperature recorded this year (82 degrees) is tied for the lowest on record, through June 17th. And those weather records go back 120 years.

On the National Weather Services' Grand Rapids Facebook page, Debi Eggleston Knight commented she thought 1992 was colder, but here's where statistics can be interpreted any way you want. Replied the NWS admin: 1992  "overall it was. However the high temperature on June 17, 1992 was 95 degrees and it hit 80 degrees or higher 15 times by June 16th of that year."

Another comment from Eric Anderson, said "I love Michigan. But sometimes I curse this weather. Mostly because summer is too short as it is. Every single day it's not nice, feels like we are getting short changed because you know darn well fall and winter will arrive on time if not early."



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