Michigan is known for her Great Lakes, brutal winters and now indoor cycling!

Newly built and opened is the Lexus Velodrome...but what exactly is that?

The Detroit Freepress reported that the Lexus Velodrome is "an inflatable, climate-controlled dome," that allows avid cyclists to spin all year long. But truly it is more then that, it is a place where dreams are made.

Detroit is now home to one of only 3 indoor velodromes in the U.S. In fact, before the Detroit center opened if you wanted to try this cool indoor biking you would have to head to LA or Colorado Springs.

Dale Huges, a native Detroiter designed and built the velodrome and shared with the Detroit Freepress some interesting information...

No taxpayer money was used in the building or for its operations, Hughes said. Operations will be paid through user fees, donations, events and corporate sponsorships, like the one with Lexus. Programs will be free for children and teens.
Only specially designed direct-drive bikes can be used on the wooden, tenth-of-a-mile oval track, which has steep banks that allow riders to maintain speeds that can top 40 mph during competitions.

Classes are offered for beginners as well as bike rentals at the facility.

Even if cycling is not your thing, you can rent the Lexus Velodrome. According to Lexusvelodrome.com the dome is...

 A unique venue for a wedding, an inspiration for team building, a cool place for a corporate gathering, whatever you need we’ve got 64,000 square feet, plenty of seating, a full service bar and a list of preferred caterers to make your event a singular sensation

Lexus Velodrome is located at 601 Mack Ave in Detroit (just off of I-75). The site that the complex was built on was named back in 1968 after Olympic gold medalist Thomas Edward Tolan who was born and raised in Detroit.

I wonder what future Olympic winners will train at this incredible new facility!

Check Out This Cool Video Of the Lexus Velodrome


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