It's seems like more and more this year, TV stations and providers have been facing off, displeasing viewers in record amounts. But here's a situation that you can take care of in five minutes or less.

If you live in the far southwestern counties of Michigan, and get your over the air signals from South Bend, IN, or even Chicago, you're going to want to re-scan your channels on Thursday, October 17th. (The Kalamazoo - Battle Creek - Grand Rapids market did this in May, so if you lost a channel, this might explain it;  re-scan.)

The Federal Communication Commission has mandated that over the air TV stations modify their frequencies.

There are and have been "nearly 1,000 stations nationwide changing their frequencies to comply with the spectrum reallocation mandated by the Federal Communications Commission. Mainly it's being done to make additional airwaves available for wireless internet services." - Robert Feder

This is important to remember. This is only for people who receive their television signals over the air, through an antenna. This does not affect cable or satellite customers. Generally, less than 20 percent of viewers are getting the signals over the air.


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