Tess Taylor came over Saturday night to help me unpack some boxes from my past and I was thrilled with what I found!

Moving is a hard....you try to place items that are alike in the same box, but sometimes things just get lost.

I have moved several times in my life and I have a few boxes that have not been opened in over....well, never mind how many years...but a lot of years! Tess and I cracked open some of these boxes and I could not help but scream!

Here is what I found...

  1. Some Old KFR goodies
  2. Old 'Star Hits' Magazines, 1987 and before (man, I did a ton of babysitting to afford them).
  3. ALBUMS!! Duran Duran, Rick Springfield, the Monkees, Howard Jones, the list goes on and on!
  4. Arron Warner (the cartoonist) wrote me a version of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like The Wolf" but spoffed it, for my 30th birthday.
  5. My little brother met Davy Jones (from the Monkees) and got me a signed photo!
  6. An old envelope containing a letter a letter from my best friend Jennifer (we used too and still do decorate the mail like we are 16 years old).
  7. My Duran Duran folder from 7th grade (seriously don't try and do the math)
  8. What is inside the folder....yes, stickers and articles about Duran Duran
  9. Yea, I still have a "Twisted Sister album"
  10. Tony the Tiger! Need I say more? I was given this after I wore the Tony The Tiger Mascot outfit in the Battle Creek Christmas parade years ago
  11. Classic Albums!
  12. Old School albums that I still love (don't judge)!

I may be a geek, but gosh I love my past and it was fun to see it all again. Sometimes it is okay to save things, especially it they make you smile when you see them!


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