Since I moved here over a month ago, I've been out and about to different establishments and restaurants. Each have their own unique flare. It's exciting discovering new places and making this city my home.

There have been a few places however who's hand soap in the bathroom has stood out to me; primarily at diners. Last night I went to Maru Sushi which, if you enjoy The rolls were excellent but the soap in the bathroom was just as good smelling... like a vanilla lavender.

That one was great, but I found hands down the best smelling hand soap I've ever smelled. Bell's Brewery Eccentric Cafe has a bathroom hand soap that smells EXACTLY like Sweet Tarts. I'm a sucker for fruity smelling things and this soap takes the win. I washed my hands there my first day in town and I said out loud to myself, "Oh my God...It's sweet tarts!"

I suggest checking out both of these soaps and the food that's made there as well. It really made me sit back and reflect. If any other company in the area thinks their soap smells great or possibly better than the sweet tarts soap, let me know.


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