I hate being sick. (C'mon, Dave, who really enjoys poor health, other than my slightly hypochondriacal late grandmother, who lived to 100.)The whole thing about our studio being a petri dish is true, always has been. But since my kids grew up, it had gotten to the point that I could go, maybe two years between colds.

Which makes this all the worse. When you haven't had a cold in along time, you forget how much it stinks to have one.

And everyone has a strong opinion on what I should do. Kathy says to pound the vitamins and orange juice. I used to do zinc, but this one kind of snuck up on me. Come to think of it, how is that possible? They've all been sick here for a couple of weeks. Why didn't I start with zinc two weeks ago? Oh, well.

I"m going to the store after work, loading up on orange juice, lemons and honey, getting something to dry me out, and stocking up on tissue. Am I forgetting anything?

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