Central City Taphouse, at 359 S Kalamazoo Mall in Downtown Kalamazoo, has been temporarily closed for a couple of years. But, it looks like a new tavern is about to move in.

Posted in the Facebook group, Kalamazoo Foodie, Hola Courtney shared a picture, which you can see here, along with the caption,

Yay! Formerly Central City TapHouse~ just saw this signage go up!

The signage in question reads Hub Tavern + Grill along with a few descriptions on what to expect from the new spot and includes a QR code for those who would like to apply.

What to Expect From Hub Tavern + Grill 

Thanks to the picture posted by Hola Courtney, we know that this is yet another concept owned by the Millennium Group which also owns spots like Cove Lakeside Bistro, 600 Kitchen & Bar, Martell's, and more.

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However, their website, which you can see here, has yet to list Hub Tavern + Grill as one of their locations. So, we can assume that this concept is brand new. There are no accompanying Facebook pages or websites as of this moment.

But, according to the signs on the front door, Hub Tavern + Grill will offer:

  • 20 beers on tap
  • A full bar
  • Wine by the glass
  • An extensive whiskey list

And Kalamazoo's first wood-fired pizza oven. Again, according to the signage.

As far as the atmosphere is concerned, they're promising a refreshed menu and interior design to make all guests comfortable in their casual environment while enjoying, "high quality, not high brow, food."

When Will They Be Open?

Great question. Since this isn't even listed on Millennium's website yet, narrowing down an expected opening date is difficult.

But, people in the comments of the above-mentioned Kalamazoo Foodie Facebook post seem to think that it will (hopefully) be opened by the end of the year. We'll have to wait and see.

What I do know is that it'll be nice to have even more options in downtown Kalamazoo for dining.

You can find the Millennium Restaurant Group's website here. Or, find them on Facebook for updates.

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