Experts reveal surprising personality traits that make you a highly intelligent person and here are the top 5.

The Daily Mail wrote an article with 10 traits that show you're a highly intelligent person and these are the 5 that really surprised me:

1.  You're a Worrier 

I have always been a worrier but I've always seen it as a flaw but according to experts, it's a good thing.

‘The study found that individuals who worried frequently, by thinking about potential future negative events, or who ruminated frequently, by revisiting negative past events over and over again, scored higher on verbal intelligence.

I'm not exactly sure why or how this makes you more verbally intelligent but, I'll take it.

2. You're a Cat Person 

Dana Marshall is always making fun of me for having two cats.  He says I'm "crazy cat lady bound' and that is the reason I'm single.  I can't argue the single thing, but the article says that if you are a cat person, you're a highly intelligent person;

"...a study in 2014 claimed cat owners are smarter than dog owners – regardless of their pet's intelligence.  The research revealed that the owners of the two animals tend to have different personalities - with cat lovers being more sensitive and open-minded than dog lovers who are largely energetic."

3.  You Swear A Lot

I work in radio so, I have to watch my mouth while I'm on air but the second I'm not, I cuss like a sailor.  I've heard that people who swear a lot are less intelligent because they have a smaller mental vocabulary.  I was offended by that claim until now;

"A colourful tongue does not mean the talker is lazy or uneducated Instead, those who are more confident using taboo words are more articulate in other areas.  It [the study] proved swearing was positively correlated with verbal fluency."

So TAKE THAT M@%&@# F*@%&#S.

4. You Are Messy

I am so neat and tidy that I think I may have a mild case of OCD so, this applies to all my messy people.

"Visual and mental clutter forces human beings to focus and think more clearly.  Famous thinkers and writers such as Albert Einstein and Roald Dahl were notorious for their untidy desks."

I used to think that keeping your space clean was a positive thing.  I stand corrected.

5.  You Stay Up Late

So what they're saying is getting LESS sleep makes you MORE intelligent?

"A 2009 study found that late risers tire less quickly than those who make a point of getting up at the crack of dawn.  Previous studies had also found that those who rise later tend to be both cleverer and richer than early birds."

Well, now I feel better about my insomnia, and there IS such a thing as too much sleep.

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