Over the weekend I saw a bunch of people in the Kalamazoo area I'm friends with talking about the 'Dark Mode' Feature on their Facebook Messenger and how cool it was. I had no idea what they were talking about until I started to see screenshots from people's phones. The new "Dark Mode" allows the back screen on your phone turn black while in Facebook Messenger. I couldn't figure out how to get this. Then I found out. If you want it, here's how to get it:

First: Open up the Facebook Messenger App on your phone.
Second: Message a friend a Crescent Moon Emoji 🌙
Third: Double tap the moon emoji, then moons will rain down and a settings bar will drop down letting you know you've unlocked Dark Mode on your messenger, which will prompt you to change it in your settings.
Fourth: Click the button to go to your settings and change your messenger to Dark Mode.

Boom! Now you've got dark Mode on Facebook Messenger.


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