How do you say, "I Do?" Share a story of your dream proposals for a shot at a $2,500 engagement ring from Rogers & Hollands Jewelers.

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Marissa and Michael

Mike and I both love fish. Our first date was to Shedd aquarium where he showed off his latin skills naming all the fish. Since that date Mike and I have visited many other aquariums all across the U.S., but Shedd is still our favorite. Nothing would make me happier then walking around Shedd aquarium holding Mikes had while we talk about our dream aquariums and our future together. When he gets down on one knee in front of the big salt water shark tank and asks me to be his wife.

Stephanie and Jestin

I would love to be proposed to on vacation to Italy or Spain over a candle lit dinner at a restaurant over looking the ocean at sunset... someplace to remember this exact moment, with a friend recording the moment I say yes with the most beautiful ring, with our children there to celebrate with us. This handsome and loving man has made me believe I can be treated nicely and loved with his whole heart...

Ashly and Mr Anonymous

Mr. Anonymous I want you to know that I am very in love with you. you're presence creates unbearable butterflies. your touch is simply breath taking, your smell is always comforting, your absence is lonely. I am forever bonded with your love. I cannot explain the greatest feeling ever being held by you,its more than security.. its magic. you complete me. you are my person, You're the breath of fresh air I constantly need. Which is why I ask you spend the rest of your life with me.. Marry me?

Feather and Mercedes

My girlfriend always wanted to go sky diving, so we'd go sky diving and we'd go down together, I'd make a small sign and halfway down I'll pull it out and she'll see it while mid air (hopefully) and once we hit the bottom I would get down on one knee and propose (:

Alicia and Bryan

I'm already married but those rings are gorgeous! I could use a new wedding band ;)
My husband's dream proposal to me would've been; we go to a wrestling show and he gets in the middle of the wrestling ring and propose to me in front if thousands of people. He'd want everyone to know how much he loves me :)

Ty and Lexi

I would have to say on Lake Michigan around sunset time with a helicopter or limo escort or even a casual city rooftop romantic dinner over looking the city


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