Maybe it's because, after the past couple of years, we seem to be appreciating calendar events a little more. Warm weather certainly doesn't hurt, but it's the events attached to that warmer weather are certainly more than welcome. Add to that the cloudiest April on record, not to mention one of the coldest and wettest, and we're more than ready to get outside and have fun. So the news is Cedar Point is opening this Saturday, May 7th.

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And a tip from someone who has done Cedar Point in May. The lines are shorter, the weather's generally pretty fair and it's just nice when it's less crowded.

All this on the heels of news that the company that runs Cedar Point reported robust record 1st quarter earnings. (This is where you have to stop and remember, they own parks in warmer climates.)

But you're not reading this to find out stockholders are happy. You're reading this because Cedar Point is where folks and especially families head for fun in the summertime.

Don't Bring Cash

So here's an idea of what's new to expect at Cedar Point. The first thing is Cedar Point is now cash-less. The park says its easier and faster, and if you bring cash, you can convert it into a debit card.

Castaway Bay has been "re-imagined". It's an indoor water park, complete with its own cast of characters. Sawmill Creek Resort has been remodeled, too. And then there's the 17 rollercoasters and the other rides and entertainment.

The park also has some deals for folks that are planning on going more than once this season to the park, which says it's celebrating it's 153rd year on Lake Erie.

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