So a very good friend of ours was driving in the Oakwood neighborhood the other day and saw something that absolutely left her baffled and puzzled. It was some kind of structure that someone had erected in their lawn which looked to be in the process of being completed. She had never seen anything like this before and didn't know what it could be so she posted the picture to her Facebook to get some feedback. Here is what she captured:

Jody Lynn Terry
Jody Lynn Terry

This giant ball of randomness was posted up on some kind of stone slab and is just sitting in the middle of the yard. Some friends poked fun and said that it was the beginning of a new Death Star. Some said it was Mork, form Mork & Mindy. Others offered a more logical thought based on appearance, insinuating it could be a giant match ball, but I got a feeling that's not the case here. Who knows? Does anyone know this person? Maybe it's just a giant sculpture in the making.

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