We deal with rules and regulations all the time, in all parts of our lives. And, we see too many examples of people who think the law only applies to everyone else and not to themselves.

But...if there's a fire, firefighters are not going to worry about your precious car.

But here's where the real problem might be. If you do it here, in either Kalamazoo or Battle Creek, there's really no real deterrent to parking next to a fire hydrant or in a fire lane for that matter. The fine in Kalamazoo is a mere $30 (if you pay within the first week). Battle Creek is even cheaper. $10. Is $10 or $30 going to make anyone think twice? Probably not. Kick it up to $500 or $1000 and you might be filling jails needlessly, but there has to be an amount that would make someone think twice.

Or, look at it this way. How are you going to explain the broken windows to the insurance company?


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