New Covid-19 cases have not gone down.  So, what's changing Governor Whitmer's mind about reopening gyms?

Gyms in Michigan have been closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic for the last 6 months.  The mitten state saw it's peak of new daily Covid-19 cases at the end of March going into the first couple of weeks of April.  We all got very optimistic when those numbers went way down in the beginning of June.

That was followed by a Federal Judge ordering Michigan gyms to reopen on June 25th.  Hundreds of gyms worked around the clock to get their facilities pandemic ready with social distancing, plexiglass and cleaning stations only to have an appellate court reverse that decision just hours before the gyms opened for business.

Important note: Michigan saw a substantial upward trend of new daily Covid-19 cases beginning in the last week of June and sky rocketing through July and August.  So, why is Governor Whitmer talking to lobbyists and possibly making an announcement about re-opening gyms?  There's a very important stat that has been ignored until now.  New daily deaths.

In Michigan new daily deaths due to Covid-19 were in the triple digits each day in March and much of April and May.  However, Michigan averaged less than 12 new deaths a day due to Covid-19 in the last week of August.

Fox 2 Detroit reported that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is expected to make an announcement regarding the reopening of gyms in Michigan this week.  We will keep this story updated as more info becomes available.

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