Something's afoot and we want to know what it is!

The old car wash at 3800 Gull Road in Kalamazoo, Michigan is long gone but now we're left wondering, what will take its place?

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We're all thinking it so I'll just say it: that car wash was an eyesore and I wasn't sad to see it go! As if Kalamazoo doesn't already have enough car washes as is.

In fact, another car wash just a bit further down Gull Road has also recently been torn down. I'd rather see an empty lot than a car wash that collects nothing but piles of trash.

gull road popeye's kalamazoo
former car wash - Google Maps

Shortly after the car wash next to Roxie's breakfast café was leveled we noticed construction crews preparing the site. Get excited because it looks like Popeye's will soon return to Gull Road!

Here's How We Know:

5 months ago eagle-eyed locals began to notice construction crews at the site. Someone on Reddit asked,

They torn down that old car wash and are building something there. The rumors are another Popeyes, but I would be surprised if that happens considering the first Popeyes on gull rd shut down.

Yes, surprising indeed considering there's a now-closed KFC restaurant that's just sitting empty. Why didn't Popeye's just take over that restaurant instead I wonder?

Clue #1

Popeyes Gull Road
Popeyes Gull Road - Lauren G/TSM

Our first major clue was the empty sewer/water pipes that read "Popeye's" on the side, but how can we be certain?

Clue #2

popeyes gull road kalamazoo michigan
TAPInto Phillipsburg via YouTube/Lauren G/Canva

Our second clue is the building exterior. Typically when I think of Popeye's I think of bright orange colors and a faux-New Orleans façade complete with balcony, but after doing some digging I've found that Popeye's restaurants are undergoing a bit of a re-brand; think more brick and less orange.

Clue #3

Popeyes Gull Road screenshot

The biggest giveaway of all? The job posting on LinkedIn for a general manager position at Popeye's listed for Gull Lake, Michigan.

Oh, this is so happening!

Popeyes Gull Road
Lauren G/TSM

The project has yet to be formally announced and the new location is not listed on the Popeye's website yet so we have no idea on a timeline or grand opening, but stay tuned and stay hungry.

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