Here's how going to the gym in Michigan during the pandemic is quite a bit different than we're used to.

Michiganders learned the hard way how much they would miss going to the gym after they were forced to close at the end of March due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  After 6 months, we are finally able to get our work out on.  However, things are very different.

Using one of the more popular workout facilities in the Kalamazoo / Battle Creek area, here's a look at how Planet Fitness is keeping their members safe now that they've reopened during the pandemic.

#1. Lower capacity to insure social distancing.  The Planet Fitness in Portage will now only allow 80 members at the same time.

#2. More cleaning stations along with giant signs so you can't miss them.

#3.  Social distanced equipment.  Much like how restaurants are now only using every other table.  Every other cardio machine is unplugged and marked "Social Fitnessing."  Machines and benches for muscle training have also been moved further apart.

#4.  Touchless Check-In.  You no longer hand your membership key tag to the Planet Fitness employee.  You now just scan it yourself.

#5.  You must wear a mask at all times.  This will be the most important, yet most challenging change for members.  Signs posted throughout the gym say,

According to Michigan Executive Order No. 2020-175, Masks must cover nose and mouth and are mandated at all times including when entering, exiting and while exercising.

Check out photos below of what you can expect while going to the gym during the pandemic in Michigan.

Planet Fitness during Pandemic

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