A few weeks back a good friend of mine was in the middle of a seriously bad situation. He had a tooth that needed to come out. It was basically on the verge of being an emergency. But because of the state of the country at the time, nobody wanted to remove the tooth because of his asthma. I can completely understand the worry and risk behind it. But he was basically out of luck. He was struggling to find anywhere in Kalamazoo who would do the minor operation.

He ended up taking to Facebook asking, "It seems like its getting much worse. Does anyone know of a place doing emergency work/phone visits around Kalamazoo/somewhat close to Kalamazoo? I don’t have a regular dentist." Luckily he was able to get the help he needed after a few weeks, but still, it was worrisome that someone who desperately needed help was struggling to find it. Luckily the chief medical executive at MDHHS, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun, has offered some helpful guidelines to help urge your needs.

The best way to figure out the fastest help possible is to contact your doctor and see what your options are and how dire your situation is. As WDIV reports, It's imperative that people suffering from serious injuries or symptoms should seek medical care as soon as possible. Especially those who have signs of potentially life-threatening diseases like a heart attack or stroke. Do not delay seeking medical attention. For those who want a better look at the new guidelines, they can follow this link for more info.

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