This Kalamazoo area guy is killing on TikTok with his unique delivery of dad jokes.

Herbie V, a.k.a. @herbie_v on TikTok, currently has 14.9 thousand followers and over 244.2 thousand total video likes on the popular video social media app.  Sure, lots of people do dad jokes and one-liners.  Herbie, however, has found his own way of doing things.  It's either a deadpan stare or looking cross-eyed while standing in front of a Michigan landmark and displaying the joke as text on the screen.

His most popular video to date has been viewed over 1.3 million times and received 144.2 thousand likes.  Using the hashtag #propertylinesmatter, the video features a joke about neighbors getting busted for growing a bunch of weed, with a twist.

Another wildly popular video from Herbie is more of a husband joke than a dad joke.  This video has been viewed nearly 565 thousand times with over 10.4 thousand likes.

Now, this video that has been viewed nearly 256 thousand times is the definition of a dad joke.

Just this past weekend Herbie made a TikTok poking fun at hockey during a K-Wings game.  That TikTok was then shown on the jumbotron.

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