A Southwest Michigan dog family receives lots of love on TikTok with their adorable viral videos.

Henry Duane Stoddard of Portage currently has 11.6 thousand followers and 106.3 thousand total video likes on his TikTok channel @henryduanestoddard.  It's not easy to gain a big following on a popular social media app, but adorable dog content doesn't hurt. Videos of these gigantic dogs napping, watching TV and playing is exactly what we need to watch after a rough day.

Duane's most watched video has been viewed 506.7 thousand times with 22.4 thousand likes.  The caption reads "Watch my rescue pup who was abused by a man fall in love with his new dad."

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Their second most-watched video has been viewed 423.6 thousand times.  This is a short video showing Duane attempting to break into the bedroom after a 200-pound mastiff locked himself inside.

Grandma doesn't just spoil the human grandkids.  She spoils the k9 grandbabies too.  This video has been viewed 171.7 thousand times.

This isn't one of their most viewed videos, but it should be. This video shows one of their dogs face-timing his favorite uncle.  It's so dang cute.

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